sci fi

  • Passengers

    The Passengers Review: Too many holes everywhere

    What could have been a classic attempt to build a magnificent star ship world full of moral and philosophical ambiguities crashes into a meteor of mediocrity so hard that it leaves dents and holes all over the places that cause immense failures in performance at every single end. And...
  • Stranger Things

    Stranger Things Review : An Essential Watch!

    Stranger Things takes the cake, a spot I believed Orphan Black was going to grab. Listen - If you live in 2016 and live on this planet Earth and have not seen this show yet then I suggest you head on over to Netflix before you are to take...
  • The Kingdom of The Three Suns

    The Kingdom of The Three Suns: Chapter Two

    Having witnessed the stupendous scene, feelings of shock and awe engulfed the King causing him to drop his staff to the ground. For the first time in a hundred years, he held a composure that oscillated between displaying confusion and wonder. He had never been witness to such a...
  • sci fi

    The Kingdom of The Three Suns : Chapter One

    For centuries has this land served as a mighty incubator for our peoples' spirit, bundling them away from the harsh torments of a solitary existence. Here, on our home, nestled away in her womb, we have thrived as a people, as a race of multiple species, coming from a plethora...
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