• Afghanistan

    Trump Escorts Russia To Intervene In Afghanistan

    The Russians are set to intervene in the Afghanistan-Pakistan-China scenario all thanks to a failure of Trump to present a policy....
  • UN

    UN Observers Rubbish Indian Claim of Surgical Strike

    Pakistan has dismissed Indian claims of the strike calling it false propaganda. Two Pakistani soldiers lost their lives in the LoC aggression undertaken to quiet down the Kashmir issue and empower the vote bank of the current government. ...
  • kashmir unrest


    After the string of human rights violations by the Indian Armed Forces during the multiple protest sessions a lash back was certainly expected from the rebel forces as there was no attempt of bringing forward a negotiation. The whole timeline of events gave a clear message that all grievances...
  • Kashmir

    The Kashmiri problem: India or Pakistan?

    Is the resolution to the Kashmir crises in the hands of the India or the Pakistan nation or do both need to give their inputs in order to resolve? The Indian regime has proved itself incapable of handling the Kashmiri crises with countless human rights abuses to add to...
  • The 100 Year Old Snake

    There is a legend that lurks among the rural area of Punjab. The legend is one that is deeply embedded into folklore, the legend of the 100 year old snake. Most Pakistanis are not familiar with this legend. Our reader, Dr. Rabia Pervaiz, a gynecologist from Lahore has a...
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