• Rogue One

    [Restrospective Review] Rogue One – A Star Wars story

    he first few Star Wars movies that populated the cinematic horizon in the 70s owed their popularity to their ability to bring forth a story that caused an intense emotional attachment to characters that you are almost instantly introduced to – Rogue One is similar in this regard. The...
  • Passengers

    The Passengers Review: Too many holes everywhere

    What could have been a classic attempt to build a magnificent star ship world full of moral and philosophical ambiguities crashes into a meteor of mediocrity so hard that it leaves dents and holes all over the places that cause immense failures in performance at every single end. And...
  • Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Edition) Review

    With close to about 47-50 additions in the entire narrative of the movie the critical edge the Ultimate Edition has over the theatrical version arises from this very point. Not being subject to the whims of commercial scale restrictions that affect theatrical releases of a movie, the Ultimate Edition...
  • Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad Review

    Never have the trailers been more deceiving than in this particular case. The trailers gave the impression of a retro colored movie which would be all set to redeem the D.C Universe and finally knock Marvel off its throne. But alas, this was probably too much to expect at...
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