• UN

    UN Observers Rubbish Indian Claim of Surgical Strike

    Pakistan has dismissed Indian claims of the strike calling it false propaganda. Two Pakistani soldiers lost their lives in the LoC aggression undertaken to quiet down the Kashmir issue and empower the vote bank of the current government. ...
  • Blackberry

    Blackberry Will Not Manufacture Smartphones Anymore

    Blackberry announced today that it would stop the production of its handsets so that it can focus more on the development and marketing of its software and security products....
  • Merkel loses favor in Home State, Beaten by Anti-Islam AfD

    (THEORYLAMP) — GERMANY — German Chancellor Angela Merkel has lost favor in her home state. The conclusion is drawn as per the results of an exit poll recently conducted in her home state. Merkel’s party seems to have lost favor over the immigration issue, an issue that she carried a...
  • PTI

    PTI Ehtasaab March Has Reached Lahore

    Imran Khan, the leader of PTI and Pakistan's defacto opposition leader has reached the city of Lahore. The exact point of arrival, according to the news source Geo is Charing Cross. Containers have been placed to stop the progress of the rally. The fiery politician has unleashed a barrage...
  • Chris Brown

    Chris Brown Stand Off ends with Arrest

    (THEORYLAMP) , USA — Apparently, the famous singer Chris Brown has once again been involved in charges of battery and assault and this time with a weapon. The LAPD had been involved in a stand off with the hip hop superstar on Tuesday and the tension filled event ended...
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