• 3 Million

    Donald Trump to Deport Up to 3 Million Immigrants

    The President elect of the United States; Donald J. Trump, has vowed to keep his campaign promise and has declared that he will deport between 2 to 3 million undocumented immigrants in the country....
  • Man

    Nigerian Man With 97 Wives Plans To Continue Marrying More

    Nigeria's Muhammad Bello Abubakr has denied rumors of his death and has stated that he 'plans to marry more'. The man that has angered adherents of the Muslim faith in his country and many people all across the world has fathered a total of 185 children and has married...
  • Michelle

    Watch Michelle Obama Destroy Donald Trump

    Watch Michelle Obama destroy the republican candidate at a democratic party rally. She certainly gives an earful and provides much needed clarity....
  • Zeeshan

    Dr.Zeeshan-Ul-Hassan Usmani Will Continue His Work in The US

    Dr.Zeeshan-ul-Hassan Usmani is the founder of PredictifyMe. The application allows for use of advanced algorithms to determine the outcome of various social and commercial problems. The startup was founded by the scientist along with Rob Burns. Both of the men were Eisenhower Fellows and met during a networking event....
  • Trump

    New Allegations of Assault Emerge Against Trump

    New revelations emerge against Trump as a multitude of new faces have brought forward allegations against the Republican presidential nominee. Trump's reputation has already hit an all time low as a tape was revealed in which he was caught making lewd comments on how he wished to make a...
  • UN Chief

    Russians Defend Trump as UN Chief Warns Against Him

    Moscow has shown much concern in the US presidential elections of 2016 with regards to Trump's leads in the polls. The candidate has constantly displayed a lot of affection for Vladmir Putin's regime that has placed America's NATO allies in a state of panic ever since he gained a...
  • Jacob Hall

    Superhero Themed Funeral For 6 Year Old Murdered By Gunman

    This morning a quite but unique funeral was held for Jacob Hall - a 6 year old kindergarten student that was fatally shot by a gunman during recess hours at his school in Townville, South Carolina at the Oakdale Baptist church. The incident occurred on the 28th of September...
  • Pixel

    ‘Pixel’ phone by Google has been announced

    The phone is launched as a competitor to Apple and Samsung flagship smartphones and aims to compete with both of them not only in terms of branding, processing power and exclusive applications but also on the basis of a beautiful design (something that hasn't been a priority for Google...
  • Erdogan Turkey president

    Turkey Extends State Of Emergency For 90 More Days

    The president had promised earlier that the emergency powers were only going to remain in effect for a limited period of three months before this new announcement was made. The effects of this decision has negatively affected the country's currency causing it to fall in the face of the...
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