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The world is going to end soon and your stupid arse better be ready

TheoryLamp is a here to make you weep over your existance

We hate everyone and we will expose the world for their injustices. We paint a picture of a terrible and dank future however not without offering a way into the light.

When TheoryLamp started off we succumbed to the bullshit of believing the garbage most of the web is filled with and fell into the trap of using fake wordpress plugins that increase your traffic. We were greedy and wrong and we were lying to ourselves and who we were. The same regurgitated rubbish garbage about how to reach the next 1 million+ subscribers got the better of us. We were schooled by ‘experts’ that we need to reach out to a specific ‘niche’ and were even blocked off by the self proclaimed Net Gods from making any money since we did not stick to the crap of parroting on one specific item.

So we decided to reach out to the niche of haters. The ones that can not look themselves in the mirror and live in the damp dark corners of the web speaking the truth yet struggling to get someone to hear what they are saying. We are going back to basics when using the internet meant access to great useful content and not cat videos and monkeys slapping each other. And we will struggle as much as we can to clean the toxic dump that has become the internet. Content mills are choking the knowledge supply and its high time someone stood up to the nonsensical standards that permeate the web waves.

TheoryLamp started off in 2011 as the mouthpiece of an organization that believed in building a system to counter the current capitalistic consumerist devil that seeks to suck every last drop of your blood. However, later down the line we turned into a bunch of hypocrites since we didn’t have enough money to fund our operation. We want you to watch our Ads and buy shit from our store. If Alex Jones can do it then so can we, most people are friggin’ sheep anyways.

Always remember, TheoryLamp does not give a shit about your feelings. We do not write bullshit posts about 10 things that will make you perform better in bed. We write things that will piss you off and make you hate us but that is what we want to do and we do not care about what you think. Enjoy.

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Theorylamp ® is an independently funded venture backed by a pool of investors that have given complete independence to the team to produce fresh and real content. If you would like to support the blog by becoming part of the action pool then please do not hesitate to contact us.


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