Why a Jew Wears a Cap But a Muslim Won’t

A simplistic analysis of a complex problem plaguing the two communities

A Jew and a Muslim are both ordered to cover their heads. Judaism and Islam are very similar to each other. Most people won’t believe that and think that the two are very different and that is why they are fighting all the time. However, that is not true at all.

Everyone is fighting all the time. You fight with your siblings and your friend is always fighting with his wife. The neighbor’s dog is always trying to kill the other neighbor’s cat while the cat tries to fight it off. If you believe that ending something that has been with human beings since the start of humanity will end all fights then your a naive buffoon that has a very simple mind that can be easily tricked.

Besides a firm monotheistic belief in a singular God the two have something else that is common. And even though it may sound small both of the religions compel their followers to cover their heads.

The Jews say that they do it because they think that God or G-d as the Jews say is above us and it is disrespectful to not cover their heads. I don’t know how that makes academic sense. The Muslims do whatever their Prophetic traditions tell them to do and thus they cover their head in obedience to those traditions as they do all other things.

Check out dem beards and beats.

You will see a lot of Jewish people in North America go to their place of work or fun wearing their headgear and sporting a long thick well kept beard. However, a Muslim it seems is ashamed of his identity and will rarely be seen wearing a cap or sporting a beard along with it. You can’t blame the poor lads, it increases their chances of being picked up by a black van.

But why is a Muslim demonized for something as simplistic as appearance? When a Jewish man can have a similar appearance, the same to a large extent and not raise a single eyebrow? Maybe because a Muslim man serious on his outward appearance may represent a commitment to religion and a commitment to religion may scare some people or piss others off. Then again, why is a commitment to a religion scary? Is this a passport to violence? Has anyone published a thesis linking beards and caps to violence?

In Israel, religious commitment does not seem to be much of an issue. After all, the state was established on the basis of a particular religion. With all public transportation services closed during Shabbat forcing others to follow the master religion is no problem. No matter how much an Israeli or an arse kisser from North America or Europe would go all out to defend the state of Israel, it does not change the fact that it is secular only on paper. It is unimaginable for an Israeli-Arab to get elected as president unless the Arabs of Israel outproduce babies in comparison to the other ethnic groups present – which is a highly unlikely scenario.

But an Arab president of Israel will still be compelled to stick to the idea of securing a homeland for the ‘Jewish people’. If he wanted to work towards building a secular inclusive state well then that kills the whole point now does it. And lets be real, secularism exists only on paper every where. So again we come back to the question as to why a Jew wears a cap while a Muslim doesn’t.

A Muslim would like you to think that he does not undertake this requirement because he has been oppressed enough to have built themselves a wall of fear. While some of that is true, the rest is all lies. The Muslim is ashamed of who he is and has a poor standard of religious commitment as compared to a Jew. This is why the Muslim is extremely unsuccessful in all walks of life.

If he does not follow a basic of his religion well that is not much of a problem as people cannot be compelled but denying and twisting the truth to suit your insecurities well then that just shows what sort of a weakling you are. So the answer in the end is that the Jew who is proud of his identity will not shy away from a public display and has gone to militant lengths to fulfill his objectives – the Muslim simply isn’t.

This guy can explain it better.




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