Living in China – My experiences as a Foreigner

Episode 1

Uns Butt – one of our readers is a Pakistani exchange student living in China. He is doing a course in the Chinese language and was sent to the country on a scholarship program that is supported by the Punjab government in Pakistan as per an effort to foster positive relations between the two governments and for developing a cadre of individuals that would be able to understand the most widely spoken language in the entire world.

We share excerpts from Uns’s life in China in My Story – this is part of a series of small beautiful stories that will continue to be shared over the course of Uns’s time in China. Slowly, but surely we will also be sharing Youtube episodes of the journey.

Earlier when I was at Disneyland, Shanghai for one of the rides we had to put our cellphones in a locker. There was no problem in doing that but due to there being a language barrier, one of the staff members did not tell us the time limit, so we went around and completed the challenge and took another ride and came back .

It was then that we went to retrieve our phones except the locker wouldn’t open, so reluctantly we informed the staff and they called their manager who was a young girl.

“You have kept your phone inside for over the time limit and to get it back you have to pay 100 RMB”.

“Are you serious?”, I retorted.

“I would rather get a locker for the whole day in 50 RMB”, I added.

So anyways, we had a long argument where my wife got angry

“We did not know your freaking rules”, she exclaimed. The lady that we were addressing then went back to her manager and tried to negotiate and then came back to us telling us that she can only do as low as 50RMB.

I agreed but asked her to give me any disney merchandise in return so she gave me some stickers .

“Its ok”, I said.

“Things happen like this”, I added.

Before going I apologized to her and told her how sorry I am for being angry and just before leaving I happened to add that I was from Pakistan and that I was you’re friend.

Her expressions immediately changed upon hearing this statement from me!

She then said to me that there is a camera behind and so she asked me to move to some other place, and so we did.

She gave me my money back! Me and my wife were shocked

“I can not take you’re money, you are a Pakistani”, she said.

“I will manage my boss or whomever comes to me , but I can not live with the fact thatI took money from a friend”, she added.

I was speechless.

Sometimes I feel like I am in heaven living in China as a Pakistani.

50RMB is nothing and the argument resulted due to the mistake that their staff was not able to communicate the time limit and we thought we were ripped off, but her kindness was beyond our imagination.

I hugged her tight and I told her that I will never forget this and asked her to keep the money. She continued to argue on not accepting the money by any means. I asked her whether her boss would cause an issue, but she refused more than 3 times!

Sometimes Chinese people make me so emotional! The nicest folks in the world!



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