Trump Escorts Russia To Intervene In Afghanistan

The United States loses a key ally in the war on terror and an important strategic partner

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[I]n a recent article published in the Pakistani news on the locally popular website Express Tribune, there were mentions of Russia jumping into the equation to solve the ongoing crises in the region involving Afghanistan. The article, aptly titled ‘Pakistan, Russia, China seek to crack Afghan conundrum‘ was posted on November 21st. 

The crux of the article involves the discussion of a trilateral meeting that Russia is going to hold between Pakistan and China in the coming month. All of this happens after the Indian Prime Minister’s lobby has failed to malign Pakistan in the International arena and isolate the country from the regional powers that dictate the geopolitical scenario of South and Central Asia. 


Earlier, the Russians and the Pakistanis held a joint military exercise of a large scale. Indian protests went in vain as their largest arms vendor proceeded to shake the hand of friendship with a country India is currently at odds with since a government similar to the Trump administration took hold of the government a few years ago. Narendra Modi, the current Indian Prime Minister is a known sycophant that had served earlier as the Chief Minister of Gujrat. It was during his tenure that the infamous Gujrat riots took place leading to the deaths of thousands of minorities in the region, widely including adherents of the Islamic faith.

The Failed Indian Policy

Just like in the United States (to be soon), the Narendra Modi government represents the Indian alt-right. This group is far worse than what you see here in the US as they regularly attack minorities for acts as mundane as consuming beef. These are the same people that prayed night and day for a Trump victory in the United States, appropriately decorating his picture with a swastika (obviously this swastika is one associated with the Hindu religion and is in no way or form linked to the swastika of the Nazis. Hitler hijacked this swastika to represent his own fascist group). 

Modi is a classic example of the Indian alt-right.

Modi is a classic example of the Indian alt-right.

Modi, in his own version of self infused clever geopolitical maneuvering has resorted to ordering his troops to shell the Pakistani border night and day creating a war like situation on the disputed territories. This type of disastrous style of government is clearly witnessed in the model of terrible policy making in India – instead of sitting down with the neighbor and figuring out how to battle the biggest foe of all; climate change, instead the Modi government seeks to worsen the situation by annoying an already disgruntled neighbor that has struggled hard to achieve some form of semblance and stability. 

As of now, Delhi is covered in smog. So much so, that the environmental nuisance unfurled into the neighboring city of Lahore. The second cheap shot of the Indian alt-right government was to cut off and isolate Pakistan from Russia. This is the kind of policy that the United States has been following all the while with its biggest ally in the war against terror. Afghanistan’s immature government instead of building bilateral ties with its neighbor to the right is instead engaged in a dog fight – a dog fight it is desperately losing.

It is important to understand before accusing Pakistan of supporting terror groups and having Osama Bin Laden within its territories that the United States helped create these individuals so it could use them against the USSR and other future enemies in the region (read China). The plan backfired though and the country had to be weeded out. The weeding process of course was quite painful as the roots had stemmed deep into the ground. The Obama administration had handled it better. Even though it did utilize drone attacks in the beginning ultimately any move that disgruntled the Pakistanis was avoided. 

The United States Steps Back

The US has taken a back foot in the Central Asian question. Afghanistan is a mess today. Having been there for the past 15 years has yielded poor results as the country struggles to stabilize. The Taliban still control vast swathes of Afghan territory and the American backed government is in tatters riddled with high level corruption and dishonesty at almost every level. The last bastion of hope were the Pakistanis. The idea was for them to be used in negotiating a cease fire with the Taliban ultimately enabling a rebuilding of the nation. Only development can help fight negativity.

The incoming United States government should have laid the groundwork for this new methodology for the critical area of Central and South Asia. Afghanistan and Pakistan or AFPAK as it is referred to in the military circles is an important regional challenge for the United States. The President elect should have already been in contact with the Pakistani government and the Afghanistan government assisting in negotiation of a trilateral talk that should have been held ideally in Washington.

The crux of the article involves the discussion of a trilateral meeting that Russia is going to hold between Pakistan and China in the coming month.

This did not happen of course with Mr. Donald J. Trump in the seat of incoming power now. He has absolutely no interest in the resolution of this crises. What is the effect of this behavior? 

Vladmir Putin to Handle Trump’s Foreign Policy

The doors have opened for Russia for entering the geopolitical scenario in the region. Russia, is now set to become the regional power in Central and South Asia and will almost work for a resolution in the current deadlock that has arisen in the region. Pakistan and Russia have been great enemies in the past during the Cold War era as the Pakistani intelligence – the ISI – worked actively with the CIA to battle the Soviet troops deployed in Afghanistan. 


Putin is speedily moving in to the AFPAK scenario

Putin has cleverly handled the situation now and hasn’t simply aimed to please his Indian allies. Instead, Putin has worked sharply and smartly to bring the Pakistanis to his side and the biggest aide to his mission has been none other than Trump. Trump has remained absolutely shut in his entire campaign on foreign policy. Very convenient that is for the Trump administration as now he now has his friend Vladmir Putin to handle foreign policy for him. 

The first nation to fall out of favor with the United States happens to be strategic ally and a critical partner in the war against terror. The relationship with Pakistan is vital in resolving the Afghan crises.

Instead of present the American nation with a plan on how he will resolve the situation, Trump instead chooses to keep quite all the while Vladmir Putin takes up the reigns of control from him.



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