Why Donald Trump Getting Impeached Is The Inevitable Future

The likelihood of a Donald J. Trump impeachment may result sooner than you think as a house divided is a house that will fall.
Trump Impeached

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[W]ith the recent developments in the political landscape of the United States, uncertainty about the future looms in almost every department of the country. While it is important to understand that the implications of an unpredictable political future may seem intriguing at first (the very appeal Donald Trump’s voter base draws from his rhetoric), mystery in almost any domain of executive and legislative operations create doubt about the future and ultimately leads to instability in the markets and panic based legislation that cause great harm to the nation. Is the President elect’s career also at stake due to this uncertainty? Will he get impeached?

Many political analysts have been talking about how President elect Donald Trump is creating great harm for himself with his non serious and unaligned behavior at the world stage creating sure shot grounds for impeachment. This isn’t to say that he isn’t clever. Being in the business world for quite a while and having amassed great wealth at the expense of other people that include minorities and illegal immigrants one has to understand that Donald Trump is a master of deception. He knows what to say and when to say it, and he certainly knows who to get in bed with to maintain his control and push forward his agenda.

But what is his plan for this?

Controlling the Congress

His plan wrests around ultimate control of everything. Remember that a businessman never relinquishes control of his assets. He rules via proxies. This is why his companies are still being controlled by his own family. With this move, regardless of the constitutional violations and controversies it brings, he represents a very traditionalist mode of thinking that may appeal to the conservative bunch.

He has yet to overcome the limitations that his archaic mode of operation will bring to institutions that he runs – unfortunately, which now includes the United States of America. Rather than bringing up strong organizations that grow off strong systems and choose the right man or woman for the job, Trump seems to prefer policies that remind one of ancient nepotism. His businesses are designed that way and so will he do the same to the country. 

Trump’s recent deployments for his White House entourage are planned and set to malign the opposition that may arise in the future and the exact target of this setup seems to be cornering the strong Republican figurehead Paul Ryan. Ryan, was inconsistent in displaying his support for Trump during the days of his presidential campaign citing his official standings on various issues that concerned the Republican voter off on a tangent from that of President elect.

Paul Ryan has already had a rocky relationship with the President elect in the past. However, like a responsible political leader ought to do he made the moves that would ensure that the objectives of the Republican party in government were accomplished with President Trump in power. This is because Ryan assumes that Donald Trump will fall through on his promises of living up to his campaign announcements. At the very least, the ones that Paul Ryan also endorses. Ryan currently seems to be primarily concerned with healthcare and the repeal of the Affordable Healthcare act and a stricter stance on immigration.

Trump Escorts Russia To Intervene In Afghanistan

Trump has always pushed his campaign forwards on the basis of this act and yet after having met the current president Obama he once again backtracked on his promises of repealing the Obamacare. People all over the United States that are beneficiaries of the act are terrified of losing incentivized healthcare and are already making preparations for alternate methods to ensure receiving appropriate medical care in the absence of public coverage by their government.

This is because Ryan assumes that Donald Trump will fall through on his promises of living up to his campaign announcements

The effects of such an amendment to legislation is terrible. Millions of Americans will be left without access to healthcare and will have to resort to quackery and the services of unlicensed practitioners as an alternate. Others will resort to illegal drugs and ‘alternate’ forms of medicine having been left no choice else. Repealing Obamacare will no doubt create an insurmountable healthcare crises in the country. 

A Game Of Thrones

Regardless of the impending effects of such backwards policies the Republicans in government are hell bent on moving forward with the proposal of getting rid of what they deem ‘socialist’ practice and an unnecessary burden on tax payers. This is at least what Paul Ryan and his mates from the Republican party want. They seem to be very clear on their agenda and will move against a president that does not support them. And it is also clear that Trump does not want to get impeached by his new found allies. So thus he seeks to control them.

This is why clever Trump has brought Reince Priebus as his Chief of Staff while keeping Steve Bannon as his Chief Advisor. Bannon, a known supporter of the ‘alt-right’ is a known racist and anti-semite that demonstrates a no holes barred approach in his rhetoric against minorities and the liberal left of the country.


Steve Bannon, a known racist is now the King of the White House

Already, leading republicans have started to lash out against some of Trump’s proposed policies, such as John McCain, speaking out against the Trump cabinet proposal to bring back waterboarding. McCain states that he will go to every length to stop Trump which may include legal action against the President elect.

The analysis of the situation reveals that Republicans are in for a ride. Already, Mr.Trump has displayed a disrespect of seemingly republican values dragging his daughter into a meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister and having his Chief Strategist Steve Bannon spread all over the news stating how he plans on breaking the Republican party down and forming his own version of it.

Thus the clever Trump has hired Priebus on one end as a diplomat to control what he perceives to be a future unruly lower and upper house of Congress (lead by Paul Ryan) while bringing an all powerful Steve Bannon on board ultimately to thrash the nay-sayers and the ones that disagree. Clever Trump has given Bannon power over Priebus and Priebus enough power to keep his enemies in check. And yet Bannon reports directly to Trump and everytime Priebus spins out of control, Bannon will be sure to yank his chain in retaliation. The scene is sure to remind one of the court of a dictator in a third world banana republic. This is what the United States is slowly becoming.

The President elect will tackle the Republican party from both sides only ensuring his agenda gets propagated and implemented in the end – which is to weaken the Republican party by mutating it into a freakish version of the racist European alt-right white supremacist lobbies such as the Nationalist parties that have started to plague Europe.

Republicans all over the country are sure to suffer from buyer’s remorse pretty soon as the very values they assumed to have been upholding when deciding to vote for Donald Trump will come crashing down in their faces as he seeks to transform the party into a horrible vision of what Steve Bannon’s desires. This is his plan to avoid getting impeached.

The White House Inc.

Trump Impeachment

Running the country like a company requires maintaining control over everything.

Why is this happening? Well, Donald J. Trump has absolutely zero experience as a politician. What he does have experience is as a business man and a very successful one at that. However, his businesses are non technical and grew from the aim of making profit at the expense of every milkable commodity they owned – whether it was a name, a piece of land or a tower. Trump’s worth isn’t 8 billion dollars because of his great business. It’s 8 billion dollars because of his name and the licensing fee he charges for its use. The hypocritical man has licensing agreements with Arab states in the middle east all the way to the far eastern countries that he regularly speaks against. 

What does a good non technical business man do when he wishes to expand and grow? He hires better managers that are able to fulfill his vision and can tackle issues better than himself. Thus, ladies and gentlemen we will have a White House that is going to be run not like the government entity that it is but rather like White House Incorporated- A public listed company with assets all over the globe that can be bought and sold at the press of a button.

Why is this good though? This move to transform the Republican party into a scary racist radical nationalist party will cause sensible Republicans that simply wish to uphold constitutional values and seek to counter what they see as increased deviation from the American vision by the leftist democrats to split away from Trump and his cronies. This will weaken the foundation of the Republican party in the near future and once again provide the Democrats a chance to regain their grounding. 

However, this is still terrible as it ultimately will cause the birth of America’s first Nationalist party with the prospect of Steve Bannon campaigning for president some time in the future using this muddled group as his base of support. The horrible part is that now we know this group is so big that it has the potential to bring racists into power very easily. Unless Trump gets impeached first of course.

The Impeachment Predicting Professor

On a closing note, we leave you with the words of this professor that predicted a Donald Trump win earlier also predicted he will be impeached. So it’s not just us saying this anymore (the federalist papers project attempted to ridicule us earlier for predicting a Trump loss, believe you me we were as surprised as them by his win)- its other people as well saying this as well.

“Not a scientific prediction – this one just comes from my gut – and that is we could see a Donald Trump getting impeached,” he says. “This is a guy who has played fast and loose with the law all his life. People don’t change and he may be setting up a huge train wreck by turning his businesses over to his children and that could conflict with national security.”

If the Good ol’ Professor is to be trusted then it seems that Trump getting impeached is the inevitable future. The angry orange groundhog seems fast to be making a fool of himself and the Republican party already paving the way for himself getting impeached as fast as you can say ‘A wall on the border’.

Donald Trump to Deport Up to 3 Million Immigrants



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