Do Trump Supporters have Low Self Esteem?

Trump supporters are in a panic on new allegations leveled against the former reality TV star
Trump supporters
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[R]ecent allegations against the republican party presidential nominee has proved to be the toughest moment in his campaign. Constant news and write ups about this man and his twisted character makes questioning of the collective intelligence of his supporters a mandatory act that every other sane American that is a non-Trump supporter should engage in. In fact, it becomes duty to the nation to not only question their sanity but also to understand scientifically the reasons behind their constant support for the man. It is time to bring Trump supporters to court. 

This man has been proven to be multiple times over the single most shadiest, morally bankrupt and two-faced individual that has ever attempted to run for the US presidential elections. One thing can be certain at this point – Trump himself is deluded. And who can blame him for that? After all, a man that constantly regards his inherited wealth as his biggest achievement cannot be on the same page as the rest of the majority of humanity.

Nor can he have the same kind of thinking that constitutes an intelligent and thoughtful understanding of what actual financial success stems from. To understand this idea, consider this: If you wanted to apply for a ‘fast-track’ entrepreneurial immigration to Canada you’d have to have a net worth of close to $10 million dollars. What’s the big deal in that you ask? 

Who is the biggest loser in the Syrian conflict?

Well, the catch here is that the individual applying should not have inherited the wealth. He should have possessed the intellectual prowess that is required to have earned the wealth himself. The Canadians understand that it doesn’t take a lot of brain to inherit wealth – the Americans that support Donald Trump – not so much.

So why do Trump supporters remain Trump supporters?

The only explanation here seems to be a low self-esteem.

The idea that a person can support another person that constantly composes and sings the many gospels of self praise to himself and to his patrons repeatedly can only make sense if the assertion made above is true. Analyzing the constant commentary that his adherents bring to the media – with his lawyer recently making fun of a woman over her looks, indirectly suggesting that Trump would only sexually assault women that were ‘up to his standard’. Furthermore, the women that support Trump are most appalling because no entity is more degraded than a woman that would sit,watch and endorse a sexual predator that is ramping on shamelessly for the Oval office.

It can thus be established that people with a large amount of self doubt mostly comprise of Trump supporters and evidence lies in what they have been saying and how they have been behaving. Such folks always require a messianic figure to move ahead in life and have belief that a single personality can hold the answer to all of the world’s issues. After all, he has loads of wealth, is a reality TV star and has women all around him? What could go possibly wrong?

The answer here is that everything could go wrong. Unfortunately, even after centuries upon centuries of human evolution the democratic system is still failing to work in the manner that it should and messianic figures and followers justifying their every move aren’t helping at all. Candidates running for office require the ultimate form of scrutiny from the people that they are going to be ruling. Using money to create a ton of propaganda videos and throw dust in the eyes of the populace only works as long as people allow it to. The dust isn’t magic even though it may be designed to be. If the supporters had believed the image of the man that they had watched on their TV screens for so long to be the answer to their problems then they should accept the image that he has built for himself over that some amount of time that is coming to light now.

The President of the country, the president of any country for that matter is a public servant. The purpose here is to serve the public and not the other way round. The entire election process serves as a control system to prevent a poorly performing public servant to never be elected into office again. However, human emotions can easily be manipulated as many of us fall prey to pomp and grandeur. The vote bank should not allow themselves to be manipulated in this manner and should define a guideline based on which they can evaluate their own decisions regarding a candidate. Ultimately if this is not done, the winner or loser in this election is not the candidate but rather the voter who failed to campaign strongly enough to witness the embodiment of his ideal go into office.



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