Nigerian Man With 97 Wives Plans To Continue Marrying More

And he is 92 years old.

Nigeria’s Muhammad Bello Abubakr has denied rumors of his death and has stated that he ‘plans to marry more’. The man that has angered adherents of the Muslim faith in his country and many people all across the world has fathered a total of 185 children and has married 107 times. He has divorced 10 of his wives being left with 97.

The surprising part of the situation is that he is 92 years old. 

Cult like living

The man lives in a single apartment block with all of his family and has claimed that he has been given ‘special powers’ by God to be able to marry this large number of women. He claims that anyone that is against his actions is committing blasphemy and will have to face the ‘wrath of the Creator’.

Legal Action in 2012

In 2012, a Nigerian court had ordered Bello Abubakr to divorce 82 of his 86 wives within 48 hours or leave the state. Nothing resulted at the conclusion of the legal controversy and once again the deluded man stated that God had given him the power to overcome this crises. The man gained fame in the country due to his so-called ability of being able to heal the sick. This resulted in immediate popularity of the man and he witnessed the cult like phenomena of his spread akin to a virus in the province in which he resided. For the period in which he was incarcerated he was thrown in jail for 22 days. He had to be released after all his wives came to protest – 11 of whom were pregnant.

Not done yet

Local Islamic authorities in Nigeria have been waging a constant war against the man for the past few years. According to them, Islam allows 4 marriages to take place. They regard Bello Abubakr’s family as a cult and have been attempting to shut him down to no avail due to his immense popularity in the region. To them Mr.Bello Abubakr says that they are gathering the wrath of God by acting against him, are deluded and cannot stop him as he is not done marrying!

Image source: Screen Grab from The Young Turks



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