The Women Of America Need To Stop Trump From Representing Them

Ladies of the country need to unite in support of the first female candidate for POTUS

[R]recently, all of us have been reading up on the news that is focused in particular on Donald Trump’s past shenanigans. The thought on how can this man get away with all of what he has been doing pummels the insides of his non-supporters’ brains and souls in an agonizingly painful manner. The voice inside of our heads continues to slap us left, right and center to let go of the Netflix binges and discard the apathy we have learned to dwell upon so well towards the current situation.

The only explanation that seems to fall in place is that the enormous wealth and influence of the man comes into play here. In a country where there is a clear double standard on the prosecution between the white male involved in a rape case and the black male involved in a rape case the fact that a super rich white man is at the center of such a scandal and no formal action has materialized against him over so many years is no surprise at all. In addition nothing is strange about the fact that it took this much time for anything to have come to light and for the women affected in the past to have come forward when a tape which the rotten candidate owns himself surfaced.

A defining moment in American History

This stems from what has been said earlier; there has never been a female POTUS and the reason behind this shortfall in the road to gender equality in the White House is the variant of beliefs so steadfastly followed in the mainstream American culture that has summoned (and given life to) the demon that is Donald Trump. A demon that arises from the depths of Republican hell. The very presence of a character such as Trump forever besmirches the reputation of the Republican Party and indicates the desperation it subscribes to from time to time in order to gain a quick victory for the sake of a victory.

The ambition of power hungry men undermines the adherence to the very principles this country was founded upon. This is why this particular election will be a very defining moment for the country’s unwritten history as it is the battle of two sets of beliefs. The last election saw the victory of a black man against a cruelly repressive system that is rigged against the underprivileged and this election should ideally see the victory of a woman against a sick man that defines everything that is wrong with the male archetype our kids are led to believe appropriates to being a ‘man’ in society.

Disqualification from being a candidate

Furthermore, what automatically disqualifies Trump from even being considered as a candidate for the office of the American president is not only his mammoth ego,self centered world view, racism, xenophobia, close mindedness, conspiratorial thinking, misogyny and the very evident low level of general knowledge it is the countless allegations of rape and sexual aggression that are coming to light every day and the audacity of his supporters (that include women) to blame the victims themselves!

The irony in the whole situation is that Trump tries to explain away the revelations by attempting to conjure in everyone’s minds the idea of a grand conspiracy led by the ‘global elite’ against his brand when in fact he is the very summation of the corrupt global elite that believe their power and wealth automatically allows them to rape,plunder and pillage the 99%.

This kind of belief system is worse than what barbarians from the past that actually raped people and plundered villages adhered to. Dictators in the present day also exhibit the same behavior almost always keeping a harem of kidnapped women in their giant palaces to satisfy their measly carnal pleasures. Trump has multiple times displayed his affection of the most notorious dictators in history never shying away from the act once. The thinking behind the affection is in perfect harmony with the dark aspects of his personality that are coming to light.

The Third World Question

Even countries such as Pakistan that are constantly at the tip of negative news churn mill in which violence against women is central part have had a very powerful female Prime Minister multiple times in office and many women in very senior bureaucratic and corporate roles. We have to understand that the incidents that happen in third world countries of violence against women mostly stem from other social issues that are a direct result of poverty and other cultural malpractices. The defining factor is the wide percentage of illiteracy in these countries. The correct measure would be witnessing the role of women in the developed and progressive components of third world society and the sorry observation is that they are faring far better than the US. 

The US being the definition of a ‘first world country’ has absolutely no excuse in allowing a scandalous man with so many open court cases to even be considered running for president. Unfortunately, this is happening and the only power that can stop the rise of this madness are the women of America coming out in full force.

As a woman, before you to bed today – Ask yourself this question. Do you want this man to represent you in the Global Arena? Is this acceptable to you as a human being and as a woman?

When in fact he is the very summation of the corrupt global elite that believe their power and wealth automatically allows them to rape,plunder and pillage the 99%

Remember, the US president is the international representative of America to the entire globe. It cannot even be imagined how poorly the international standing of the United States (which is at an all-time low) would be affected if this man was to be elected into office. Just visual the storm that would ensue if Trump was to ‘grab’ a woman of another country’s foreign office along the lines that he boasts on in The Washington Post tape after he has become the president of the country?

The worst part of the situation is not the fact that Trump is the archetype of the corrupt immoral male but rather the fact that regardless of these dirty stains on his character being revealed his supporters are still adamant on supporting him. Always remember that the criminal in the story is not the man who is the villain but rather the ones that knew what he was up to and chose to silently watch. These guys simply do not know when to let go.

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For now it is clear that the women of America need to stand up and show their true power like they did during the times women weren’t allowed to vote. This election is not about Trump vs. Hillary but about the personification of racism, misogyny and sexual violence vs. the power of an American woman. Michelle Obama beautifully described the situation at a recent speech she gave at a democratic party rally. The speech can easily move one to tears unless your heart has died and you have forgotten the ideals the United States of America was founded upon. It is high time the people of America made the Trump campaign realize that the country is not a reality TV show and nor is it a business – it is a country and a country cannot afford handing the keys of the Oval office to a man of no standard and no morals.



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