Dr.Zeeshan-Ul-Hassan Usmani Will Continue His Work in The US

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(THEORYLAMP) – PAKISTAN – The return of Zeeshan-ul-Hassan Usmani to Pakistan, a data scientist based in the US has been making the rounds on social media. In an ode to professional journalism and to determine the truthfulness of the rumors floating around, a representative from TheoryLamp.com contacted the scientist a while back on this day.

Dr. Zeeshan-ul-Hassan has reported to the publication that he has not left the USA and is continuing his work there. The rumors and incorrect titles indicating his departure floating around in the media and constantly being propagated via the bandwagon effect should be appended.

There is however truth to the news. The man’s family has in fact returned to Pakistan and the decision was definitely fueled by the rise in Islamophobia and the many untoward incidents that have taken place as a result of the phenomena.

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Dr.Zeeshan-ul-Hassan Usmani is the founder of PredictifyMe. The application allows for use of advanced algorithms to determine the outcome of various social and commercial problems. The startup was founded by the scientist along with Rob Burns. Both of the men were Eisenhower Fellows and met during a networking event. The two then launched the company together. The company has had a successful run and is on the path of growth having secured multiple clients.

Besides the commercial and social aspect of the algorithms they also allow for the prediction of terrorist attacks and have been instrumental in making America and the world a more secure place; the irony in this incident is sad when one comes to realize that the very people (read Muslims) that are helping to protect the United States from terrorist attacks are being victimized by the very people that are driven by fear of terrorism to act against them. 

According to a recently published article on The Huffington Post the entire ordeal of the Usmani family was shared with the world. The family decided to leave the United States after Dr. Zeeshan’s son was negatively affected by a hate fueled incident that occurred at his school. This is just another addition to the multiple hate crime incidents against Muslims that have been increasing in number in the country and are causing a sharp societal divide in the nation. The Chapel Hill shooting that happened in 2015 and other related incidents that followed have caused the North American Muslim community intense discomfort and have created an atmosphere of fear leading many to re-consider their residence in the US. 

Dr. Zeeshan needs to be commended for his courage to continue his positive work and to have risen up and face these hard circumstances in these dark times.



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