New Allegations of Assault Emerge Against Trump

via Associated Press

(THEORYLAMP) – USA – New revelations emerge against Trump as a multitude of new faces have brought forward allegations against the Republican presidential nominee. Trump’s reputation has already hit an all time low as a tape was revealed in which he was caught making lewd comments on how he wished to make a move on married woman. The republican candidate’s office attacked the New York Times for reporting these allegations and had a letter sent to them by their attorneys demanding that the accounts of women levying these allegations be removed and the publication ‘apologize’.

The accounts that are featured in the article, are shocking to say the least. The video that is hosted on the New York Times main page narrates the account of Jessica Leeds (by far the most daunting incident reported) – a businesswoman at a paper company who happened to sit next to Trump on a flight.  

“It was over 35 years ago, I was hired by a sales print company and I was sales representative for them” she states recounting the details of the horrific incident. She states that 45 minutes into the flight, Trump made an inappropriate move and grabbed her breasts while simultaneously attempting to place his hand down her skirt. “He was like an octopus” she states. “His hands were everywhere”. A terrified Ms. Leeds ran to the back of the plane in an attempt to evade her attacker. 

Other women that have accused Trump of such behavior include a Rachel Crooks. Ms. Crooks was 22 years old and a receptionist with the Bayrock Group, a company located at the Trump Tower in Manhattan when he attacked her at the tower in 2005. According to her account he forced a kiss on her mouth after she made an attempt to shake his hand.

Mr.Trump reacted aggressively to the questions brought forward by a New York Times reporter regarding these allegations threatening to sue the publication on unclear charges.



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