Russians Defend Trump as UN Chief Warns Against Him

The UN High commissioner has been the first non American to speak out against him.
UN Chief

(THEORYLAMP) – SWITZERLAND – The United Nation’s High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad al-Hussien has given outright comments against the notorious US presidential candidate Donald Trump. This is the first outburst a major world figure has initiated against the already unpopular republican presidential nominee that has been called out for using sexually lewd remarks against women in recently revealed tapes from 2005.

The decorated Jordanian prince called Trump out for his remarks on torture and on ‘vulnerable people’ describing them as ‘deeply unsettling’ and ‘disturbing’. The prince then went on to warn the world how dangerous a Trump presidency would be stating that a trump presidency would be ‘dangerous from an international point of view’.

As expected the Russians immediately sprang to Trump’s defense with the Russian ambassador to the United Nations stating that it wasn’t permissible for Mr.Zeid to criticize would be heads of state. Mr. Zeid did not back down from his offense however and re-iterated his concern on how dangerous the world would become if the man was to become the president. The move further foments allegations by critics of Trump of underhand dealings between Moscow and the candidate.

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The Russians have shown much concern in the US presidential elections of 2016 with regards to Trump’s leads in the polls. The candidate has constantly displayed a lot of affection for the Russians that has placed America’s NATO allies in a state of panic ever since he gained a considerable lead in the polls. However, Trump is badly losing favor among his own party and among his supporters as revelations about his character come to light. Many of his party members have refused to back him with some even asking him to step down. Trump is fast losing lead to Hillary with recent polls displaying a 49% lead Clinton has over her competitor. 

Regardless of his poor image Trump is now resorting to low blows constantly billowing out unprovoked allegations against the Democratic presidential nominee in order to desperately save face.





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