Why Is The US Under Attack By Clowns? 5 Theories Explored

5 theories try to explain why the Clowns are attacking

One of the strangest phenomena to have hit the country after the 2016 Presidential Elections debacle is the Great Clown Attack of 2016. All over the country from the East to the West there have been numerous reported sightings of ‘Evil Clowns’ that have generated an immense panic everywhere and have led to the shutdown of many schools in an effort to reduce the likelihood of any untoward incident.

Theories on the Clowns

So who are these clowns? and what do they want? One thing is clear – their motive is to terrify and scare people rather than attack and kill them. Who or what gains from this motive?

We explore 5 theories floating around that attempt to answer the question.

Clowns Terrorism

Theory One: A New Form of Terrorism

Terrorism is the act of spreading malice via creating terror in the hearts of people. Terrorists do this by targeting innocent civilians at their common places of meet and greet. The results of terrorism spreads fear in the hearts of people and the eventually society is greatly damaged. People are too afraid to go out into the streets and as a result the economy suffers. The Clown phobia has caused the biggest damage to the US via causing the shutdown of multiple schools across the country. The idea that the clowns are out to get people’s children discourage the parents from letting their children lead a normal life – overprotection affects the child’s growth negatively and ultimately the group creating fear has won with the achievement of keeping children confined in their homes.


Theory Two: The Viral Marketing Campaign

This theory coincides with the release of Stephen King’s movie It. Recently due to the rise of clown sightings across Britain, the country’s politicians have started to blame the incident on the release of the movie. The movie is a re-make of the original King novel and the company which is behind the release of the film – New Line Cinema has denied any role in the sightings. Furthermore, when thought about the movie is still very far away from its release date!

Theory Three: A Gang of Well Organized Pranksters

The third theory is the one that is pretty popular among people and rolling around the internet at fast speed. The idea that this is an unorganized group of pranksters holds credence as the majority of arrests made in connection to the clown incidents show no linkage with any organized hooliganism and are revealed to be mostly people acting in isolation. The proof of this can be found in the arrests and questioning of the teenagers caught making empty threats to different schools and the operators of the multitude of fake clown profiles on social media.

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Theory Four: A False Flag activity or the effects of a drug

Although the purpose behind such an experiment or false flag activity may not be clear there is the slight chance that the behavior being witnessed might be the result of strange experiments that are the result of new psychedelics introduced into the market. There have been multiple incidents where the government hasn’t shied away from experimenting on its own people. Could this have been an experiment that has gone awry? It would be no surprise that people caught terrorizing others in clown costumes would end up saying that ‘God asked them to do it’. That would be proof enough that the clown getups are the results of a new kind of drug overdoes. In context to this theory we did have a clown ruling the country once that decided to attack and destroy another country in the Middle East citing a very similar ‘God told me to do it’ reason. Was he on drugs? Highly unlikely. But was he a clown? That is certain.


Theory Five: The Gun Law Group

This theory is particularly new and attempts to explain the clowns as a cabal that doesn’t wish to see any restrictions imposed on the gun law. This makes sense as the clowns are attempting to scare people rather than deliberately harm them. The few isolated incidents in which a clown has actually attacked and killed someone was mainly a lone criminal acting in his own capacity and not as part of an organized group. Statewide appearance of Clowns reveal a large level of coordination and indicate towards a well funded and well coordinated group.

The ‘groups’ of clowns that appear in different neighborhoods and lure kids into vans mainly scare people rather than do any actual physical harm. The idea behind this theory is that the clowns wish to scare people enough that they lobby against any action that limit the use of firearms. The theory goes that people, fearing for the safety of their children will feel the need to own weapons (mainly due to the ability of the police to do nothing about the clown sightings). The movement wishes to capitalize on the ‘bandwagon’ effect. The theory goes that this small group of intellectual gun loving red blooded Americans studied history and jumped upon the 1981 clown scare deciding to replicate the effects in order to further their agenda. Copycats simply followed suit and their work was done themselves.

Which theory do you think holds the most credibility? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!





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