Pokemon Go is Making $2 Million Each Day

The AR game is still classified as a heavy hitter in the industry
Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go, the game that became a pop culture phenomenon has recently faded away from the mainstream as it lost more than 15 million players in a single month. The game which swept into almost every single smart phone in the US was reportedly making close to $ 16 million dollars in revenue each day. The figure has dwindled – however the application is still making a mind blowing $2 million dollars per each passing day.

The application has amassed around $470 million dollars in total revenue and has reached a crazy figure of 550 million downloads according to an analysis conducted by Newszoo. This figure is bigger than the entire population of the US! Pokemon Go has proven that the AR model coupled with an already popular folklore can redefine the mobile gaming industry. The innovation behind the application – although more than a decade in the making was used very creatively and in a unique and innovative manner. 

At least the idea behind it was quite popular and lead to the hundreds of millions of downloads experienced in the starting days of the application. The application – which once sat on the top of the app store was recently called out as a fading fad but has proven its credibility by settling on its niche category of players that lies in the counts of millions.

This is the performance of the game in the Western world. The game is still yet to be released in the rest of Asia. Knowing how obsessed gamers from these regions can become with a popular title the game is expected to earn millions of dollars once again from its publishing in the region. Pokemon Go has proven to publishers all over the world that the world of Augmented Reality (AR) is a viable platform for producing high earning games and is a niche where movement can bring immense financial rewards.



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