The Non-Occult Meaning of The Weeknd’s “Starboy”

Another artist symbolizing his rebirth through a change in image
The Weeknd

[A]bel Tesfaye or the artist famously known as the Weeknd has been riding the waves of stardom for quite a while.

His fame is mainly due to his production of alternative music that is actually good. The artist although still not commanding a cult following along the lines of giants such as Micheal Jackson and Prince is certainly throttling in that direction — the majority of his singles and albums are engineered with an excellent quality of cohesion such that any sort of indie sounding mainstream alternative music carefully sampled to sound good is always linked with the Weeknd by any random stranger that is made to listen to a good track that he or she isn’t aware of (regardless of the fact that the track belongs to the Weeknd or not).

The story behind his name and persona is a funny one – he tells us that he simply ran off in a friend’s ‘shitty’ van from his home one fine ‘Weeknd’ and never returned. He forever decided to associate this name with his persona following this incident. This meant that he considered it important enough to be associated with his individuality forever asking us and the rest of the world to identify him by this name – the name he would use to produce his music.

The Starboy Review

For some reason artists of his caliber are appearing with a change in their personas nowadays. The Weeknd would be the second to display such a change after Lady Gaga although his music is still built along the same lines. The carefully sampled piano strung together with a majestic chorus he recently released in collaboration with Daft Punk tops the list as the best from the video singles released by the artist. Starboy is a looper on every level – a ‘looper’ is a song that will be repeated so often on every single pop music radio channel that your brain will slowly turn to goo listening to it over and over again. The only important characteristic of Starboy as a looper is that it is lovable from the first time you hear it till the last time you’ll hear it in a single day. This only happens if a song is so good that it latches onto your periodic brain waves in the right + left hemisphere – the song grows on you – whether this is due to the addition of kick arse notes and drops by Daft Punk or the melodic genius of The Weeknd himself. The song gains its pros via its chorus and music – this is because the lyrics aren’t very well thought out – but then again what Weeknd song has mentally challenging lyrics? Almost all of his songs pick their strength (besides ‘I can’t feel your face’) off the music, chorus and video.

The Starboy Theory

When the video first came out, we naturally assumed that the Weeknd would be the subject of our boy Vigilant Citizen’s target. This is why we decided to add the analysis of his video content along with the review of his music . Certainly, going around thrashing your many awards with a giant red cross will make you the subject of conspiracy theorists quicker than Trump and Hillary would.

In the music video the artist has gotten rid of his signature spider like man bun (I am not even sure that we can call it a man bun) and replaced it with a more professional looking short haircut. Knowing how he operates it is an automatic conclusion that the decision was made by himself and not forced down his throat by management figures in his life

Or was it?

In the music video the star is showing a detachment from the symbolic XO and the man bun by killing his own alter persona at the start of the video by suffocation. This indicates that the new persona had first kidnapped the old persona before deciding to get rid of him altogether. The instant the video starts off it gives away an air of sarcasm. Someone suggested this change to the Weeknd and the video is a reaction of his to the idea. The re-birth is sarcasm and not an actual rebirth.

It is not necessary that videos that depict a rebirth whether laced with symbolism or not have anything to do with the ‘Illuminati’ at all. Why would anyone inject this amount of symbolism into almost everything that he or she would be making? The idea that every other video is a ‘ritual’ is absurd to say the least. The creative process that results in this sort of media especially in the case of Starboy indicates a different story altogether. 

Theory 1 – The new Weeknd

The video is laced with sarcasm. The whole character seems like a jab at the mainstream pop culture fashion idol. The unnecessary use of crosses and a general sense of cockiness is the industry standard which if thought about makes no sense on any level. Knowing The Weeknd the video and the lyrics we understand and theorize that he is mocking the senior influences in his life that may have forced him (no one can force the Weeknd) or at some point may have asked him to get rid of the man bun and dress up ‘better’. The Weeknd’s dressing is reminiscent of Usher and P Diddy in this video and the air in the video indicates what he thinks of this sort of fashion. This is because he is taking a jab at them and the culture they have introduced.

You know what happens when an emotional man is poked. He goes all out – this is what is happening in this video.

Theory 2 – The cross

The second idea is that the ‘cross’ is a sword and not a cross at all. The new persona sees the ‘cross’ as a weapon – a weapon that can be used to erase his past – or rather his past image. The cross represents power and this is the power of the industry. Certainly the power of the industry is enough to allow for a complete change of image and an censure of one’s past. Again the cross isn’t rising to do the job for the Weeknd rather he picks up the cross and flails it wildly around the room to damage his belongings. Again, this indicates going all out on a suggestion that may have been made.

These are some of the theories on the music video that indicate that it is more about a very heavy emotional outburst and less about occult symbolism. Please share your theories on the video with us in the comments section.

The song is still topping the UK top 50 charts at number 3 and the US billboard’s top 100 at number 3.



Starboy - The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk
Starboy - The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk
The Good
  • The video
  • The chorus
  • Daft Punk
The Bad
  • The death of the man bun
  • Lyrics
  • Vocals
  • Music
  • Coherence
  • Technique
  • Communication
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  • Dana
    27 October 2016 at 3:20 pm
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    As stated it gets in your head and there is no reason to take it out of your head. It’s deep. He is the “King” with that voice and he and every other artist know it- You can try to suffocate” him but he clearly has “super powers” with this oh so gifted voice. Others know it and they want his ass. He enjoys the darkness for now.

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