Stranger Things Season 2 Theories – Part 1 – End of Season 1

A new monster in the making?
Stranger Things

Stranger Things, the legendary Netflix show that broke all expectations is  returning in the summer of 2017.

So far, the biggest evidence comes from a 55 second trailer of the show posted on Netflix which reveals the next set of episodes expected to appear in the season in sequential order. The creators of the show – the Duffer brothers – show a knack for dropping breadcrumbs in different portions of the entire season that definitely lead to certain conclusions that can easily be drawn if all the clues can be put together in order to gain an insight into the bigger picture.

The Breadcrumbs at the End of Season 2

The first set of clues that we have from the end of the first season revolve around the idea that things in the little city of Hawkins, Indiana are still not so good as though it may seem that the town has overcome the tremendous experience of an INTERDIMENSIONAL monster ripping up holes in space time it really hasn’t left their consciousness. Everyone is rather pretending that everything has reverted back to normal in an effort to normalize the environment.

Since TheoryLamp is a magazine of theories we will be pulling some theories out of our own version of the upside down to determine what may happen in season 2 and what did happen in the ending of season 1. We advise fan boys not to cry and throw a tantrum on things we may be getting wrong since these are only theories. Special karma will be sent online to those that point out mistakes. Part 1 covers the conclusions we can draw via the end of season 1 regarding season 2. Part 2 will be focusing on the trailer analysis.

The birth of a monster

The character of Noah Schnapp, Will Byers although rescued from the evil clutches of the interdimensional wretch that has a massive protrusion deeply wedged into Will’s windpipe via a nasty growth in the upside down still coughs up the remnants of the being (or a completely new being) into the sink as he goes to the bathroom while feeling sick during dinner.

The sick growth that rabidly grew all through the upside down is still alive and well and has gestated itself within the insides of Will. After having nourished itself back to life it pushes out of Will’s system by having him cough it up. The remnants can spread into other people’s systems via Hawkin’s drainage system although it is highly unlikely that it would be the case since the remnant is not interested in living within a host anymore and is actually moving away from the host. This would be true even if the sluggish monstrosity is not a remnant but rather a baby monster. One thing is for certain, this is not the monster that was seen in Season 1 and an entirely new monster. One reason for this conclusion is purely based on cinematic logic – Creative beings such as the Duffer brothers would never regurgitate the same antagonist into the next season as it goes against their mindset.

This is a new monster from the upside down that has nested within Will’s system allowing him to survive and carefully manipulated events to ensure that he is taken out of the upside down. As opposed to the case of the main monster that is blown out of existence by Eleven this monster cannot travel from the upside down directly and uses Will as a carriage. 

Certainly, there was another reason for selecting Will and this is because Will also possesses special powers. Credence to this idea can be developed based on the fact that besides the fact that he is able to cleverly evade the monster for so long and find a way to contact his mother and survive the nasty protrusion long enough to be pulled out of the upside down. The monster needed Will to survive and has now accomplished his purpose. The monster in season 1 that had the job of grabbing people that were to be turned into hosts was more of a drone that this superior upside down consciousness was using to kidnap human beings. The monster did not feed on humans as he can clearly be seen hunting animals in the scene in which Nancy Wheeler travels to the upside down. 

The immediate appearance of the upside down that appears in the scene for a split second (the scene where will coughs up the slug) is actually an indication that Will also has the power to directly travel in between the two dimensions using only his mind. The monster may have also gained this ability or may have found the body of Will too overpowering. 

Eleven is still alive

This is a dead giveaway. The scene where Jim Hopper goes into the woods and places a bunch of Eggos into a box means that he is somehow in contact with her or knows where she is. Regardless, it is very clear that she has become far more powerful than she was earlier and possibly may have reached a higher level of consciousness herself. For some reasons which maybe quite obvious to everyone she trusts Jim Hopper (since everyone and their grandmother would trust him rather than our own relatives) even though he was willing to sacrifice her to help bring Will Byers back. What her role will be in season 2 or whether she would have any role at all is unclear although she definitely will be brought back to life in the season. There is a reference to her in the game (the children are playing in the end in which Will is the hero) as the ‘Lost Knight’ since she is now ‘lost’ in the ‘upside down’ or maybe in between dimensions and definitely is the Knight since she does the majority of the fighting in taking out the monster. 

Nancy Wheeler and her connection to Eleven

In the start of the season it is seen that Eleven idealizes Nancy Wheeler. Although it can be easily understood that she maybe doing so since she has never seen a normal life and wishes to one day have a normal life like her this may also be due to the fact that she shares a special connection with Nancy Wheeler. The mention of the ‘Proud princess’ is definitely a reference to Nancy as she displays the characteristics mentioned. What the connection is between the two will be revealed later on — there is certainly is the fact that they are tied together through her brother. More on this will definitely be revealed in season 2 of the show.

The Newspaper

The Newspaper clipping at the end of the show when viewed in detail features strange news. The clipping makes references to Brenner, to revelations on Hawkin’s laboratory conducting experimentation on Will and finally goes onto reference ‘Ives’ or Eleven’s mother. All of this clipping is very strange as it doesn’t make any sense. Atleast in our dimension it doesn’t since there was an NDA between Hawkins and Hopper. In an alternate dimension or a different parallel universe this would make perfect sense.

These are just some of the theories we have on the second season based on an analysis of the season 1 ending. A detailed analysis of the 55 second trailer is also underway and will be released soon!

Please share your own theories on the show in the comments section below as we would love to here your take on our analysis!



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