Lady Gaga – Million Reasons Review

A change in style underway for the pop diva with this single is certain
Lady Gaga

[L]ady Gaga. The iconic pop culture sensation that has been the definition of Manhattan’s Nouvo art culture has risen from the depths of the cultural abyss of cult fellowship into a new kind of light. Her persona continues to evolve over time and from becoming the mascot of mainstream art culture the pop diva has decided to now take a backseat and completely change her outlook and style. In an ode to her past many commentators believed that she got a little carried away with her artsy experiments carving for herself a place in the conspiracy theorist hall of fame. It was always assumed that this represented a one way street from which there was no return.

Due to her edgy and particularly different music and fashion Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has been the subject of numerous features, articles and interviews becoming a defining point and peak of American pop art definition. Having such a large presence all across the world why is it that she has almost disappeared off the paparazzi roster as of recently?

This maybe because Stefani speaks to us through her Lady Gaga persona and ultimately through her music. The enormous mainstream commercial success that she has gained enables her to continue her experimentation with different kinds of music+style overtime although her style has remained mostly consistent over the years her disappearance from the mainstream represents a complete shift from the earlier persona into the new one.

Her recently released single – A Million Reasons represents this new paradigm of her personality. One thing is for certain, Lady Gaga is the woman of many shades and there is a lot more that is under that wig of hers than what meets the eye.

The song is definitely massively different from her earlier electronica themed music and style. The old Gaga who was weirdly obsessed with symbolic imagery is now replaced with someone more real. The new Gaga according to our theory is more representative of Stefani herself. This maybe her real personality and the actual kind of music that she may have wanted to make. She is now big enough to pursue her dreams and is doing so.

The song flows to beautifully composed lyrics on a guitar strum. Gaga’s vocal’s perfectly set themselves on the lyrics and flawlessly execute the compulsive chorus of the song. The prose built up to the music via the lyrics although not very lengthy is deep enough to get one to think. The music is light and slow and has no auto-tuning or any synth elements. This is a classic song that Gaga takes on with a country girl accent. Even though her lengthy notes are not perfectly executed and she relies mainly on her rockstar shout to kick the length she does pull it off. It all seems to fall into place. 

Judging this piece is particularly hard as Gaga has never set a standard similar to it from her earlier work. However, this beautifully put together song does give you a million reasons to put it into loop. Expecting this one to do particularly well on the charts – expect your favorite radio channels to be  playing this one again and again through the next month!



Million Reasons - Joanne // Lady Gaga
Million Reasons - Joanne // Lady Gaga
The Good
  • Classic
  • Natural
  • Slow
The Bad
  • Short lyrics
  • Repetitive
  • Lyrics
  • Technique
  • Music
  • Communication
  • Flow
  • Vocals
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