Turkey Extends State Of Emergency For 90 More Days

Erdogan not risking a quick return towards democracy
Erdogan Turkey president
Erdogan speaking to the press following the failed Coup attempt of 2016

(THEORYLAMP) — ANKARA — The Turkish government was recently attacked by a small splinter group of the Turkish military in a bid to overthrow the democratically elected government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The faction within the Turkish Armed Forces that executed the failed coup was led by a collection of higher military authorities ranging from four star Generals all the way to Colonels calling themselves the ‘Peace at Home Council’. This particular group was responsible for planning and initiating the 2016 Coup d’etat event in Turkey which lead to the deaths of 265 people and 1400 injured. The group, motivated by a ‘deterioration in secularism’ enacted a mass operation kidnapping various chiefs of staffs and bombing police and paramilitary headquarters all over the country.

The coup attempt was quashed in a combined effort by the Turkish government and the people of Turkey that took to the streets in a show of solidarity with the elected government. The mastermind accused behind the engineering of the coup was Fethullah Gülen according to the Turkish government. The cleric is a reformist who propagates a Hanafi version of Islam based  on the teachings of Said Nursi – a 19th Turkish theologian who has published the famous Risal-e-Nur collection. 

Fethullah was a major ally of the Turkish president before the 2013 corruption scandal hit the AKP (Justice and Development party) led government deteriorating relations between the two to levels of arch rivalry.

Following the coup attempt the Turkish president initiated a witch hunt on a mass level creating panic in all levels of the civil service and bureaucracy. Following the coup the president has gained emergency powers which enable him to make direct rulings that cannot be challenged by the Constitutional court. Due to these powers the president has created an environment of mass hysteria regarding exaggerated claims of coup plotters accusing hundreds of thousands of people of being part of the grand conspiracy. His own cabinet’s actions have created sentiment that is exponentially breeding negativity against himself and his government.

The president had promised earlier that the emergency powers were only going to remain in effect for a limited period of three months before this new announcement was made. The effects of this decision has negatively affected the country’s currency causing it to fall in the face of the dollar and bringing the credit rating of the country down to a ‘Junk’ rating as published by Moody’s and S&P – both primary credit rating agencies. The Turkish president responded by calling the downgrade being politically motivated and cautioned to his detractors that such ratings can simply be ‘bought’. He has vowed to purge the entire bureaucratic machinery of what he calls ‘negative’ elements.




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