A Big Update to No Man’s Sky in Store?

Sean Murray could be soon announcing a big update to the controversial game
No Man's Sky

(THEORYLAMP) — UK — No Man’s Sky – The game that has a legendary status in the indie developer’s community and all across the gaming world was recently reported to the UK’s Advertisement Standards Authority by a disgruntled user of the game that believed that it did not live up to the standards that were propagated via the advertisements and media releases by the studio which created it. As much excitement and lore that was behind the release of the game, it did generate an equal if not a larger amount of heavy criticism and since then has fallen into a PR nightmare. The studio is now desperately attempting to save face as retailers cut prices by large figures in order that stock can be cleared.

The game was a classic example of an over marketed product creating a large amount of hype while not being able to deliver on its promises. The game’s creator Sean Murray and his company Hello Games studio has been attacked left, right and center by an army of disgruntled fans that believe the game was not able to live up to the expectations that had been induced in their minds. Unfortunately for Sean Murray and his company, members of the gaming community have a very large and strong presence online and were able to push enough bad reviews to the top of news forums to seriously damage the reputation of the game and his studio.

Procedural Promises

Through trailers and game play footage launched prior to the release of the game, the studio and Sean Murray succeeded in creating an image of a vast open world with an infinite amount of planets generated spontaneously via a computer algorithm known as ‘Procedural Generation’. Procedural Generation is used in most modern games of today to generate textures of 3D models in the game. In the case of No Man’s Sky the technology was being used in an innovative manner to create millions of species of plant and animal life across a huge number of planets located across thousands of galaxies. This was a completely new way to use the algorithm and got the game into the spotlight very quickly.

Infinite Updates

Facing the large amount of backlash from the community there are signs that Hello Games may be gearing up for an update to the game. There is no evidence of this assertion yet besides an article recently published on the internet and a few tweets that brought fans’ attention towards the updates that have been made to the game hinting at further updates in store. One thing is for certain, if the studio wishes to uphold its reputation then it has to deliver updates that will at least provide fans with a better experience. 

Here is an angry review of the game



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