Chris Brown Stand Off ends with Arrest

Hip Hop legend in LAPD custody, released on bail
Chris Brown

(THEORYLAMP) , USA Apparently, the famous singer Chris Brown has once again been involved in charges of battery and assault and this time with a weapon. The LAPD had been involved in a stand off with the hip hop superstar on Tuesday and the tension filled event ended with his arrest. His representatives have declined to give any comments to the press as of yet.

Brown’s stand off with the police lasted for a period of 9 hours before they were able to apprehend him. Acting in his defense, Brown utilized the social media app Instagram to lash out against them. The singer was accused of assault with a deadly weapon at his Tarzana mansion.

The singer has a troubled past and even though his ferociously loyal fans have taken to social media website Twitter with tags like #FreeBreezy , the majority of people have been against him in this regard. 

Earlier, Brown has been involved in similar controversy when he attacked the equally famous star Rihanna. Rihanna was assaulted by the star in his Lamborghini repeatedly until her face became bloodied. America’s darling Brown was revealed to be a monster as soon as photos of Rihanna circulated all over the internet following this incident. 

Since then, Brown has been involved in a string of forward assaults with different male stars as well. He has been advised to avail mental health advice and was forced into such a program by court order. However, it seems that this has been of little effect as his continuously aggressive behavior has put him in a negative light for quite a while. It seems very hard that his boyish good looks and serene voice would be able to get him out of this one. Local governments all over the US have been attempting to take the matter of domestic abuse seriously and prosecution in his particular case seems likely.



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