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"What? Oh, I'm not gonna kill you. I'm just gonna hurt you. Really, really bad"
Suicide Squad
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Suicide Squad – the much awaited DC gem. Although the review is a couple of weeks late, it had to be done and I wasn’t going to let the site get published without it, especially since the movie is still running across many cinemas all over the country. It is my duty as your brother citizen to protect your eyes from gross offenses and to protect your mind from generic plots glazed with special effects and edgy color schemes to make them feel new.

I feel quite depressed that I had been looking forward to this movie and I feel mad at myself for going into the theater expecting to come out in the same manner that I did when I had watched Deadpool. Never will I ever equate the capability of DC and Marvel of bringing a comic book to life unless the reign of control is provided to legends like Christopher Nolan.

Never have the trailers been more deceiving than in this particular case. The trailers gave the impression of a retro colored movie which would be all set to redeem the D.C Universe and finally knock Marvel off its throne. But alas, this was probably too much to expect at this stage.

There is a certain feeling that one must have when he exits the cinema if the movie is good. Then there is the feeling that one has when a movie is ‘just alright’. There was neither any of the feelings present. Nothing about it was good. The plot was too generic, the actors were all wrongly selected and the worst part about the whole thing was the manner in which a certain character was played out.

Yes ladies and gentlemen. Suicide Squad ruthlessly massacred the character of the Joker. What Nolan and Heath Ledger had built with utmost perfection was destroyed in the form of a gangster with green colored hair.

Seriously David? A gangster Joker? What were you thinking when building this character man? Were you going to do what Konami did to its fans when it decided to release a game called Metal Gear Survive? What was going on in your mind?

The Plot

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The plot seems to be great at start. The character of Harley Quinn was appearing for the first time in a leading capacity in any movie and the suffice to say carried the entire weight of the story on her shoulders. The idea of taking the world’s most dangerous criminals and putting them together to assemble a team that could be used in case any one of the actual heros decided not to cooperate or in the case of the universe that the film was showcasing. Die. Superman’s death was used as a justification by the film’s protagonist/antagonist (depending on how you view bad guys in life) Amanda Waller (who unfortunately could not pull off the role of a bad ass cold bureaucrat) to create a team of bad guys that would be helping the government in case of a crises. 

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Image source:

The movie starts off with the idea mentioned and then attempts to create an emotional back link with the character by giving excerpts of how they ended up where they ended up. As expected, the focus is entirely on Quinn and to make way for her (since the movie’s producers knew cosplayers would be exclusively dressing as Harley for the next decade when this movie was to come out) even Deathshot – a fairly decent and interesting character was brushed aside. There were other characters in the movie such as Slipknot and Killer Croc but maybe they didn’t have emotions or didn’t have an interesting enough story. Obviously, they were as financially giving as Quinn and the Joker would be.

The story seems fairly obvious in its coming. The team being assembled will be sure to fight a bunch of bad guys right? However, in an attempt to be different from what it really is the story fails badly. It falls head over heels. The character of the Enchantress (I never liked her in the comic as well) taking over the entire plot as the antagonist makes it extremely dis-interesting and non-engaging. 

No thinking goes into the script at all and the viewer will not be able to build the emotional connection with the characters that is an absolute necessity in these types of movies. You want to feel bad for the characters but you cant! You try but you cant. And that in my opinion is the biggest failing of the movie. The plot also tries to surprise you and catch you off guard but again fails at that. These two elements combined destroy any value that the movie holds whatsoever.

The Acting

The acting wasn’t bad. The actress Margot Robbie did a great job portraying Quinn. It was rather the choice of actors that in my opinion was wrong. Especially when you have a heavyweight in the loop such as Will Smith. Smith was the wrong choice to play Deathshot. A much better choice would have been in my opinion Jason Statham – I don’t care what anyone thinks but Smith is too much of a good guy and his good guy persona doesn’t let the morally confused assassin character play out. Slipknot dies in the start and Killer Croc doesn’t speak much. The script since terrible in write up hands the worst lines to Jay Hernandez. The ending is classic teen titans cheesy and would be more suited for a children’s movie than one for adults. 

The Cinematography

The movie editing was way out of line. The manner in which the characters were flashing back at different instances as they were being reminded of their past was again only focused on Quinn. Her entire back story was narrated throughout the movie whilst poor Killer Croc, a fairly interesting character, was reduced to the level of a pet. The colors of the movie were edgy and everything was golden tinted but the sheer genericity of the movie’s plot and the misplaced edits created a black hole for the cinematographic wonder difficult to pull out of. It became fairly difficult for the special effects to provide justice to the fans since whatever it is that the enchantress was building had no basis at all. Even if it did, the manner in which the film tried to explain the basis was all off center. The good cinematography was ravaged by the cons of the film suffice to say. 

Should I watch it?

Well if you absolutely love Suicide Squad and cannot survive another day without watching it then in that case your going to watch it anyways regardless of whatever it is that I have to say here. Otherwise, I suggest that you wait for Justice League and both of us can hope that it would be the one that redeems DC once again.



The Final Score
The Final Score
The Good
  • The colorful characters
  • The element of suspense
  • Great special effects
  • Deathshot
The Bad
  • The poorly built plot
  • The wrong choice of actors
  • The Enchantress
  • The Joker
  • Acting
  • Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Plot
  • Soundtrack
  • Special effects
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