Konami releases trailer for Metal Gear Survive

A grand departure from Kojima's vision
MGS Survive

Konami recently unveiled a new offering to MGS fans. The trailer can be said to be nothing more than an eyesore. The “game” titled Metal Gear Survive will be a side game to the MGS V title. The story involves the members of the Diamond Dog’s being pulled into a wormhole only to be surrounded on all sides by strange creatures that attempt to kill them. The game features a survival theme and hints towards a collaborative mode which may allow different players to compete with eachother in the most number of kills or simple survival possibly using the MGS Online framework or atleast building upon it. 

According to spokespersons at Konami in recent interviews with the media, the game will involve action and even espionage, albeit that is unclear as to how it would work out for the gameplay mechanic. Many YouTubers and bloggers have covered the first post Kojima offering the Studio has put out since the release of the Pachinko machine trailer for the re-mastered MGS 3 game. 

Fans of the series have not taken lightly to this release of this trailer and it is unclear whether Konami is taking a kick out of this behavior or simply has lost the ability to understand what fans expect from them. The reaction from fans was mostly in the negative and any chances that this step would have helped Konami in redeeming themselves has been lost as was clear when YouTuber YongYea gave his own review of the trailer. 

Already disappointed from the recent Pachinko trailers that were released of a re-mastered MGS 3, the new leadership of Konami, even though attempting to save the company from financial distress is shaking the very foundations that people such as Kojima had helped establish over a large period of time. The recent releases from Konami are upsetting to say the least.

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