The Kojima Productions Trailer movie

Not strange at all.. in terms of Kojima standards

The Kojima Productions Trailer was recently unveiled. The whole trailer involves various symbolic elements – fancy language for a whale jumping from the moon and into the feet of the new mascot also called the Ludens. The logo movie is visible in the following YouTube video. 

The movie details the amount of prowess that is going into the planning and execution of every small step that the famed creator is taking towards building his own production house into a powerhouse. What can be seen from the start is that the aim is to produce the highest quality work possible.

The legendary creator of the Metal Gear Solid series earlier split up with the Japanese Konami with whom he would go onto to produce what the game’s fan consider the final chapter in the series before a post Kojima resurrection is to take place – MGS V: The Phantom Pain. Kojima, joined forces with Sony earlier this year in a bid to launch a new title from his own Productions company named after himself. The game designer is joined by the actor Norman Reedus in this regard and is being aided and assisted by the original team that helped bring Metal Gear Solid to life when employed at Konami. 

The logo movie has elements of the new game that Kojima is expecting to release soon that was previewed at E3 this year titled Death Stranding. Moving away from his self created ‘tactical espionage’ genre Kojima is proposing the production of a new kind of action game that would entail using the connection or bond made by “strands” as opposed to the distance brought by “sticks” that are commonly used in most action games. According to the game designer, action game fans that are familiar with games such as Uncharted 4 would be able to quickly grasp the new game but will eventually feel they are playing something different altogether. 

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