The Russian Geopolitical Game

A game of Russian Roulette won using the power of the media
Moscow victory day parade
Victory day parade in Russia, 2013. IMAGE COURTESY:

▀ The Russian victory

Recent events in the US presidential race have shown how sleazy a candidate can get in his lust for power. And what is worse is that he can get away with it. The amount of low blows the Republican Party’s candidate has dealt to Hillary Clinton and countless other personalities of the Democratic Party displays the kind of poor character the man possesses.

The American population will be seen in a very negative light around the world if their collective vote brings this man to power, and this would represent a significant victory for one of America’s greatest adversaries – The Russians.

Donald Trump’s constant praise for Vladimir Putin after the RNC 2016 event was held speaks volumes about his relationship with Moscow. In a recent interview with CNN, a former US secretary of defence, Leon Panetta, told the interviewer that any sensible American can easily conclude that Trump is a Kremlin powered muppet. Getting their “buddy” into office would serve as a major gain for the Russians, a buddy that would cross all lines of decency and would go on to give outrageous remarks on stage in front of the camera inviting his pals from across the Atlantic to hack into the “33,000” emails of his political opponent.

Half the battle would have been won with getting Trump into office as he is already hinting at his desire to negotiate with Russia on the annexation of Georgia

This however, is only one perspective of looking at things going haywire in the days leading up to the elections. What Americans are failing to understand is that if Donald Trump is elected into office, the move, although beneficial to the Russians as having an ally in office would also shame them as a country across the globe. To cite the intensity of the matter, just imagine the amount of chatter that would be going on right now in reaction to Donald Trump’s recent speeches in European presidential and prime ministerial offices. If Donald Trump takes oath as the next president of the USA, Russia’s long standing fantasy of conquering Europe would unfold right in front of the world’s eyes during the term of Donald Trump. Half the battle would have been won with getting Trump into office as he is already hinting at his desire to negotiate with Russia on the annexation of Georgia. This very move should ring the alarm bells all across NATO bases in Europe as the next step would be an “official” integration of Ukraine, possibly all of it, with Russia. 

The Russians are already very active in utilizing the medium of free speech against the US having setup massive tools of mainstream misinformation and propaganda such as Russia Today or the channel famously known as R.T. Trump’s election into office would be the final nail in the coffin of American geopolitical influence. A man that wants to build physical walls in the 21st century, a man who shamelessly lauds the personalities of notorious dictators and fantasizes dating his own daughter if elected as the US president would immediately cause global favor to tilt in the direction of the Russians and let their geopolitical influence continue unfettered around the globe.

The rapid modernization of the Russian Armed Forces, with a strong focus on re-building immediate deployability and long range firepower speaks volumes about the kind of plans Moscow has in store in the coming decade or so. With plans to build a new network of bases all across Central Asia leading up to 2020, the Russians are displaying a keen interest in creating equipment that helps them quickly deploy their armed forces to any point in the world, besides the 2000 or so military exercises that had started in June and will continue till the end of October. 

▀ Of Flying Fortresses and military bases

The PAK-TA or the Perspective Airborne Complex of Transport Aviation is a planned supersonic cargo aircraft that will enable the Russian military to deliver 4000 Armata tanks or 900 lighter vehicles in a quick manner. Although the aircraft is still in its planning stages, the mere interest of the Russians in undertaking such large ambitious projects like these is very much reminiscent of the Soviet era when no feat seemed to great regardless of the state of the National Treasury and the economy. After all, what could a show trial not achieve that money could? 

The signals to the world are clear, the Russians are re-equipping themselves to become global players once again, and they will not adhere to following the American rules that are in effect in the world order.

The Russian advances that were seen in the recent past became a cause for major concern for the world community, primarily, the invasion of Georgia, the support for Ukrainian separatists, the unprovoked threats against European nations and finally the bombing campaign being undertaken in Syria. All of the above events are seen in a different perspective by different governments all over the world although the major consensus on opinion is set by the Western bloc and is in the negative. At least that is the precedent set in the U.N. For the Russians however, the moves are merely witnessed as steps towards restoration of their former glory, a feature with which the current government in Russia defines its political agenda and seems adamant on achieving within its current term. Although the territorial aggression against smaller nations in the satellite region of the world’s largest country was fairly common and expected from a country seeking to maintain its own territorial integrity, the moves against Georgia in particular were a step away from the norm.

Seeding from the system that was in place since the times of the USSR, the country was able to maintain a firm grip on its former Central Asian states mainly by ensuring that the establishment and maintenance of despotic dictatorial regimes. The west would compete with the Russians in attempting to align these nations into its own bloc, but the large distances and shared borders dissuaded the Central Asian countries of the former USSR to cut relations with the Russians. 

Expedition 30 Soyuz Rollout

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Especially so, is the case of Kazakhstan, a country whose economy is majorly reliant on the Russians. The Kazakhs required continuous Russian presence on their soil if major technological outposts such the Baikonur cosmodrome was to be kept operational. Many countries still use the facility to send payloads into orbit and keeping the facility going was the major interest of both countries. The smaller nations, in particular Georgia being in close proximity to Europe would fall under the device of Western influence and this would signal the bells for the Russians who would move in their armed forces to capture and seize operations of key foreign territories. 

Russia succeeded in maintaining its continued military presence regardless of the sanctions that were placed by the West. Finally, after a continued effort in forcing instability in the Ukraine, the Moscow backed regime managed to annex Crimea in a few small steps which involved the classic use of a so called ‘people’s referendum’. The new military campaign being undertaken in Syria are commendable in respect of the fact that they are being designed to target ISIS. However, the campaign also ensures that a non-democratic regime stays in power. It also ensures that the Russians can maintain their continued influence in the region giving constant rise to conflict and possible permanent maintenance of military in the area. Unfortunately, the collective of the world’s remaining dictators are supported by the Russians in some shape of form. Having a man in the Oval Office that seeks to support their agenda will be the final greatest move, one which has been in the works for quite a significant number of years. The game of Russian Roulette has already started and it is clearly evident as to who is in the line of fire right now.




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