The Best Standing Sitting Desk

The Standing desk is a major must get - so which one is the best?
Standing desk
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The best design of any kind is one that is thought through and through in its planning stages and provides the best possible solution in the required parameters scheduled in terms of aesthetics, affordability, convenience and functionality. One great example of an excellent product made with this point of view is the Standing desk, a product manufactured by the startup known as Stand Desk.

Standing desk

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What is the Standing desk? In terms of a bland technical description, its simply a desk which allows you to crank it up to a height where in order to work you would have to stand up. The desk is powered electronically and features a button on the bottom side that allows it to be easily adjusted depending on your mood and the intensity of your back pain.

The marvelous product was envisioned by Steven Yu, a man who had realized the importance of not sitting for long periods of time before he founded the startup having been involved in a motorcycle accident that carried a significant impact on his body. He contacted his doctor for advice on what to do as his back pain was taking its toll on him. Surprisingly, the doctor advised him to stand up more, but he could not really do that as his job involved him sitting alot as it involved mostly development work. So moving forwards Steven started to look into the market to discover more about sitting-standing desks – basically, desks that would transform from a sitting desk to a standing one at the touch of a button. The ones he found were too expensive, so he decided to do what any good man with an entrepreneurial mind would do – build his own.

And thus came the entry of the Standing desk into the market – an ideal product stripped down to contain only those features that are critical to the product. The two variants of the desk that are currently on offer by the startup have a basic version that does not contain the fancy cable accessories and specialized bamboo tops while the more advanced offering dos have all the souped up features and thus a higher retail tag closing on the $750ish margin.

IKEA, everyone’s prized and lovable Scandinavian furniture shop also has a similar product on offering called the BEKANT. The BEKANT is fairly priced, and without the fancies would make you poorer by about $500. One major component that makes such desks expensive is the electrical system that allows the user to adjust the height. Smartly, our Swedish friends have come up with another offering at their store titled the SKARSTA. The SKARSTA is more or less the same product, except it features a handcrank, and despite its much lower price tag is not very popular as added weight on the bench top turns the conversion process from a sitting to a standing desk into a musco-skeletal exercise. 

Almost all the designs that are floating in the market today are nearly similar in look and feel.

Why is this so?

The main reason behind this is due to the requirement of desks being office friendly – large bench tops are more friendly to laptops and paperwork as the majority of the offices have migrated away from the P.C. Secondly, the top of the desk cannot be heavy; it should only have what is absolutely necessary as the electrical actuation system needs to be loaded with as small a weight as possible for effective functioning, durability and quite frankly a longer lifetime. Finally, the simplicity in design reduces the amount of material used and automatically the cost – a significant factor in the development of such a product as it has a direct impact on sales. All in all, the winners in the design of the product are Steven Yu’s Standing desk and the runner up is IKEA with BEKANT. Both products represent an excellence in design being given the right amount of each feature and with a focus on giving great value for money.



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