Why Trump’s Muslim ban will not work

The ineffective policy proposal will not only increase the occurrence of sleeper cells but will also dissuade positive future members of society from joining in..
Trump the evil man

▀ A cheap quick ‘Trump’ card

The Republican Party’s candidate for the U.S presidential election reinforced his 19th century inspired quick fix solutions at the earlier held RNC 2016. The hot headed former reality TV star, the notoriously infamous Donald Trump, again reiterated his policy on banning immigration from countries he claims serve as a hotbed of extremism.

While his solution may seem highly plausible to his large following that are fed up with the security situation in the country – there are many reasons as to why this policy simply will not work. The central reason being that the whole notion of terrorism revolves around the idea of a particular mind set overtaking all the logical decision making mechanism of any individual. There is a huge stress on the word ‘any’ individual because there are countless acts of terror perpetrated by people that are not Muslims and secondly not immigrants.

Giving allegiance to ISIS or any other terror outfit before conducting an attack is merely a superficial act as there is no real involvement of any planning and input from the particular terrorist organizations mentioned – as was the case with the Orlando nightclub shooter. However, whenever a rogue gunman conducts this act it should cause the American public to reflect on the question that how can ISIS, an organization that has no real presence in America have so much influence over a particular individual? The reason is not that they have a very convincing and well informed narrative – no, but rather the absence of an opposing narrative in their lives.

▀ Addressing mental health issues in the community

While it can be seen that many American Muslims that are leaders in their communities such as the notable example of Imam Suhaib Webb are attempting to address the mental health conditions of their community through utilization of modern sources of communication that allow anonymity to be maintained. The Imam, basically uses Snapchat to talk to people of the U.S Muslim community this particular action has earned him a death threat from ISIS.

Is this man being provided any endorsement or support from the mainstream media or the much larger non-Muslim majority of the country? The answer is that he isn’t. Do we want a government to be of support to him or one that labels him the traitor and makes his life miserable? Do we want to weaken the very members of our society that seek to help us?  People are very quick to jump to conclusions when a tragedy strikes but are unable to discern the root cause of why it happened. History is a big revealer however and one only needs to look into the past to collect the breadcrumbs that entail much bigger revelations.

▀ The rise of the immigrant Italian mafia

It was during the 1920s that America, land of the immigrants, witnessed an influx of Italian immigration. Many of these immigrants would go on to establish their businesses that would become the backbone of the fledgling American economy. The businesses would grow to provide employment to many and add further value in every domain especially the businesses that Italians were well versed in. However, many Italians also involved themselves in establishing a criminal entity that is responsible for a huge number of homicides and ownership of wide variety of businesses in the criminal domain ranging in everything from drug peddling to human trafficking. The very presence of this enormous crime syndicate costs the US taxpayer billions of dollars yearly.

▀ The mafia helps the US military

There is requirement to support additional funding to the FBI and the regular police units to facilitate the purchasingWorld War 2 soldiers of weapons and surveillance equipment not to mention the increased payroll of undercover units, all but to no avail. The notorious mafia still operates very freely enjoying regular protection from prosecution by the authorities in exchange for small favors they carry out for US intelligence authorities such as was the case in the second World War when the military decided to ask for Charles “Lucky” Luciano, the father of the Cosa Nostra or the Italian mafia to help them with keeping the coastline free of saboteurs.

Now ask yourself this question:  Would a blanket ban on Italian immigration have worked, if we had a Trump character polluting the airwaves in the 19th century? Would it have made a significant difference in the amount of crime that we have today? All other ethnic groups proceeded to establish their own Mafias later on with the presence of a Jewish mafia, the Russian Mafiya and the Mexican mafia, but if the ratio of good apples to bad apples is to be determined it can clearly be seen that the good immigrants are in the many.

▀ A simulation

Richard Reid the shoe bomberWe travel backwards in time and in an alternate timeline we suppose that a Trumplike campaign in the past has succeeded in fooling the delegates into helping him gain office and a blanket ban on Muslims immigrating to the US is in effect. The ban has slipped on over to Britain and there a man called Richard Colvin Reid walks among the masses. Inspired by Jihadist rhetoric he proceeds to convert to a cult religion similar sounding to the beautiful religion of Islam but a religion in itself (especially since everyone not agreeing is deserving of death and not a Muslim and close to all Muslims all over the world don’t agree).

Richard Reid then becomes the shoe bomber. Now suppose the theoretical Trumplike regime creates a new kind of ban. Anyone converting to any variation of Islam will be thrown in jail, Reid now simply hides his new identity and stops to declare himself a Muslim, publicly walking around undetected. He still attempts to move ahead with his plan.

Meanwhile, Shahid Khan, the man with a 4.2 billion dollar net-worth providing jobs to millions of Americans is still an immigrant and waits in line at the US embassy in Pakistan. His visa application is rejected on account of his religion. He turns away in silence planning to move to another location having become just as successful there.

Is this a loss America wants to bear?

Trump’s policy proposal is not only mundane and ineffective it speaks volumes about the short sighted thinking he has regarding important issues that affect today’s society. Such a man is definitely unsuited to lead the American public into the future and will only bring more harm that good.



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