Why Trump Will Not Become the President

Ego, trigger happy personality and reactions without thinking are just a few of the factors that work against him
Donald trump portrait
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The United States of America truly is a land of surprises.

From sending the first man to the moon to having dropped the first and only nuclear bomb that has ever been deployed in combat, the decisions made by this nation and its people have equally angered and made people happy all over the globe. Given the complicated foreign policy executions that result from being the world’s most powerful nation the current scenario of the world order that has resulted is completely understandable. The work of many different forces domestic and global, the decisions that determine the selection of the US president stem from many different quarters of society all working in coherence with regards to the requirements of the economic system and the general culture that has developed as a result of social and economic circumstances. 

Regardless of how many active US military bases there are all over the globe, we have to remember that the reason they are present in those countries is due to an effort to control international and regional conflict in as much as it maybe used by negative elements to create an elaborate power structure that would ensure the dominance of particular elements of US business. That being said, the United States of America was founded on certain principles of freedom and since the dawn of US history there have always been the few people that have believed in those ideals and have comprised their own life in ensuring its survival. Bad foreign policy ranging from ‘Nam to Iraq would not be able to trump the raison d’être of the United States and its people – which is to uphold principle. Times always brings forth those few to the forefront and eventually those few become the many and a decision is made that changes history and the direction of a nation forever. 

The first such decision came in the 1920s when the nineteenth amendment to the US constitution was ratified. This amendment forever granted women the right to vote on all levels. Almost a hundred years have passed since that decision, the efforts for which involved hard work across all tiers of society in which men and women both were involved. Many times the various members of the states including the open minded New York and the conservative Utah granted and took away the right for women to vote over a period of a few years until the finality of the matter was sealed in stone in the 1920s. This was the period of valiant activism in which a lot of torture and abuse was endured in an effort to secure the well deserved rights of the underprivileged. 


Of course this was not without the efforts of notable women rights activists such as Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul and Lucy Burns and the passage of horrible events such as the Night of Terror in which women’s rights activists were brutally beaten and abused when they decided to picket outside the White House. It took great effort but it finally happened that the whole nation had realized the fact that women did have the right to decide who their president or senator should be; After all, they were on an equal footing with men and ran the whole country’s economy when the men were out fighting the bad guys in Europe and the Pacific – surely they should be granted the right to select who represented them? 

It is unimaginable in today’s progressive society that their existed a time when women were not allowed to vote. If viewed in terms of earth’s history, it is not that long ago at all.

101st_Airborne_at_Little_Rock_Central_HighIt is important to realize that even though there was a particularly large group of activists that were pivotal in the transformation towards equality of the two sexes, the decision could not have resulted without the support of the whole nation. It took these few people a considerable amount of time to convince a whole nation on what is right and what is wrong. However, this particular decision was testimony to the fact that which is right always breaks through and makes a stand for itself even though it does take a lot of sacrifice and time.

The next such decision was made as a result of another great effort in the historical timeline. There was a time, when people in the land of opportunity were segregated on the basis of color and for a plethora of reasons it was believed that men and women of white skin color had superiority over those of darker skin color. The start to this struggle was iconic to say the least – A single black lady decided that it was her right to sit on whichever side of the bus she pleased.

“After a black president the next great game changer would be a female president of the United States”

Even today, the name Rosa Parks strikes a chord in the hearts of many. Her one small act in 1955 swept a whole nation off their feet and today the ghost of racism although present in its many forms is still prevalent but there no longer exists an institutionalized enforcement of what many of us think of as an inexcusable crime today. More than 50 years later a US president of black heritage sat on the same seat and pondered at how far society had gotten from its closeted mindset – and definitely at what lay ahead.

Again, the same America in which the Jim Crow laws were implemented ruthlessly witnessed armed US marines escort a small group of “black” children to a “white” school. The labels they carried with themselves remained but the effort bore fruit. The same America which dropped a bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki sent W.Edwards Deming to help rebuild the tattered Japanese economy to such a level that it became the third largest economy on the face of the earth. Japanese products used to be synonymous with cheap and low quality and it was not until W.Edwards Deming introduced the Deming philosophy into the Japanese production system that they were able to trump even the products made by the US manufacturing system.

This is only one aspect of the reason that makes it very difficult for Donald Trump to win. The solution that Trump proposes to the issues that the US faces today are built on the principles of fear which appeals to a very small minority. This particular minority is present not only in the US but all over the world and is always opposing progress. The majority however, is always pushing on the opposite platform. Given the speed with which popular appeal of left leaning liberals has increased among the democratic platform it becomes pretty obvious that the results will lean in favor of Clinton. Especially due to the power of social media and the internet, people are very well educated in the history of humanity and how destructive hatred and fear and policies of shutting out have been. Activism has been at its peak and it definitely seems as if the minority that is being targeted in a classic trump cheap-shot have gained a very powerful voice.

The second aspect which decreases his likelihood of winning is his quality of talking first and then thinking – making statements that have on multiple occasions caused displeasure to the establishment. To be a successful politician it is important to somewhat show coherence to the agenda of the establishment. The power of the United States establishment is critical to accept as it is as it controls the many forces at play that determine the foreign and domestic policy which includes various high ranking members from the United States military and bureaucratic brass. Even though on the surface it may seem that the will of the people puts perspective into play that is not really the case. The huge resources that are at the command of the establishment can sway the results in multiple directions. A trigger happy childish president that treats life as if it were a reality show will not be allowed into office that easily.

Hillary Clinton, regardless of the scandals of corruption on her tail is a seasoned politician that has a history of long exposure to the machinations of the system, as such she is well aware on how and when to dodge the bullets of bureaucratic bullying and when to secede. Her performance as a politician will be much superior to that of Donald Trump simply given her experience of the political arena.

“Testimony to her prowess is given by the fact that being in the midst of various political crises spanning over a decade, Hillary has still managed to trump Trump and rise to the top of the democratic party platform as the leading candidate for the US presidential election.”

2232632457_c110ffb486_zTestimony to her prowess is given by the fact that being in the midst of various political crises spanning over a decade, Hillary has still managed to trump Trump and rise to the top of the democratic party platform as the leading candidate for the US presidential election. In this new age of electronic media she represents a very successful campaign expertly handled and cleverly executed. She seems to have the right statements recorded on almost every political issue which clearly represents her taking a middle path. A middle path that does not upset the establishment and is also good enough to subdue the masses. This lady’s target is the crown and her strategy to get there posits the support of the majority of the social groups of the United States.

Finally, the main reason that Hillary needs to become the next US president is due to the desire of the world order for peace and the completion of the women’s rights movement. The selection of a woman as the leader of the most powerful nation of the world would ensure a brighter future ahead for all women of the world, subscription to Trump and his trigger finger reactionary policies would only lead us further down the rabbit hole until there is no way out. With some rational thinking an entirely plausible theory becomes believable that it may only be the enemies of America that want to damage the principles upon which this country was founded upon would support this man.




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    nicely written. Being a pakistani, You have a very deep insight into U.S politics. Keep up the good work

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