Top 5 Worst Handshakes

  A handshake is the most fundamental building block of human social exchange. When this particular contact occurs between two human beings, millions of neurons exchange information at very high...


A handshake is the most fundamental building block of human social exchange. When this particular contact occurs between two human beings, millions of neurons exchange information at very high speeds resulting in first impressions being formed.

Many people do not realize the sanctity of the handshake and proceed to harm their image in front of others with a handshake that is improperly executed. This results not only in embarrassment but also in loss of credibility.

A bad handshake at a job interview for example, can lead to your chances of landing the job fall by 90% and a bad handshake during a business deal can cause it to go down the drain!

The history of handshakes stems back to the times of ancient Greece where the gesture was taken as the show of peace between two warring individuals. As such it represented the most superior form of greeting and was adopted into all cultures. The handshake managed to rise to a high enough status to become part of human heritage and the most universally accepted business greeting the world over.

Wherever you go, you will find a unique form of a handshake representing a lot of the characteristics of the culture of which it is part. 

A Good Handshake

However, since the handshake is very much dependent on the general outlook a person carries towards the world and especially towards the individual he or she is shaking hands with, instead of carrying the feeling of warmth and acceptance, it may very much carry an adverse effect and may become a potential source of offense and disconnect.

It is understood that the handshake is not meant to carry these feelings and is instead if observed from the standpoint of human history, meant to bring peace or a general connect within two individuals. Many people do not understand this concept and some knowingly and unknowingly utilize the power of the handshake to spread hatred for themselves.

For those that do it knowingly, there isn’t much that can be done, they are way beyond the point of return, but for those that do it unknowingly it is still possible to change ways.

If your handshake falls in anyone of the following types that are mentioned ahead, then you should really think twice when shaking hands with anyone again!

1.The palm pinch

The Palm Pinch

The palm pinch is the single most offensive handshake on the list.

The handshake is perceived as a sign of being looked down upon by the unfortunate receiver. This kind of handshake is considered very rude in Asian culture and can lead to a potentially bloody nose at worst and a passionate hatred by the receiver at best. It is believed that the man/woman who gives you the “pinch” really does not like you and is probably racist. This is not a good image to build for yourself in the eyes of others even though you may not be thinking this way. 

2.The dead fish


There is a good reason this particular handshake is known as the dead fish, it feels like someone has slapped a dead fish right into your palm! A dead fish has no soul because it has died and similar is the case with this handshake. If someone gives you the dead fish, it probably indicates that he has had a really bad day or has nothing to look forward to in life and definitely considers greeting you a burden!

3. The Bone-crusher


The bone crusher is exactly what its name is! The unfortunate man or woman that falls prey to the bone crusher will not be able to feel their hand for around 20 minutes after the handshake has ended. In contrast to what many people would have you believe, the bone crusher is not a bad person;infact, the bone crusher may actually be a very well mannered gentleman that simply believes that a solid handshake is a good move, albeit a bit too solid for some!

4. The Bureaucrat


The bureaucrat is named after the kind of handshake practice that is found most commonly among this particular group. The bureaucrat leaves no chance at showing you who the boss is and will exert enormous amounts of power into flailing your arm from one side to the other until poor old you have no other choice but to submit. The bureaucrat is obsessed with dominance and feels no shame in making sure you understand that!

5. The ‘No’ Shake


The No shake follows the Palm pinch hand in hand (no pun intended) in being offensive. People who love giving the No shake almost always wait for the other person to bring their hand forward and embarrass them by giving them the wave. The other variety of No shakers start to wave from far away and give the message to the other person of their disinterest in shaking hands. 

After reading the above post if you realize that your handshake is like the ones mentioned above, then you should look towards changing your ways!

A poor handshake can leave a distinct effect on your image in other’s minds and can be the thin line between losing or securing your next job or business deal!

For reference, we have included the ideal handshake – when shaking someone’s hand next time, try to ensure that it matches the picture!





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    Hahaha…funny…images are great 🙂

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    24 June 2016 at 9:16 pm
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    Its funny though we keep ignoring these gestures resulting in worse situation.
    A Good read I should say 🙂

  • Waj
    24 June 2016 at 10:42 pm
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    Fun article! Didnt think so much of handshakes earlier. Smart observations!! 🙂

  • Yasir
    25 June 2016 at 7:20 am
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    Nice groupings…

    Dont forget to mention those who avoid handshakes… or when we shouldn’t shake a hand.

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    25 June 2016 at 8:28 am
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    Dead fish :p

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